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Edge Device

Never lose a moment Storage is dependent on the type of resolution you are filming and how much movement is being captured. High definition video combined with a high traffic[…]

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Power Converter

Adaptable Power Supply Auglle’s built-in power converter allows you to utilize any power source available from 305-90VAC or PoE. Ideal camera solution for street light applications.

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Intelligent and Analytic

Smart Camera Auglle’s inclusive analytic software and video viewer system provides a complete solution that allows you to view your video from anywhere and to receive real-time alert notifications.

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Multi Imager

2 Views in 1 Solution Auglle cameras are inclusive of up to (2) USB 3.0 image sensors. Mix and match the image sensors and lens that fit your needs to[…]

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Independent and Decentralized

Plug & Play With inclusive on-board storage and analytic alert features, Auglle cameras work as independent and decentralized edge devices. There is no need to install cabling or connect to[…]

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Push Notifications

Be notified of what’s happening. Auglle’s inclusive analytics work 24/7 to provide notification alerts via SMS, E-Mail or Video Push. Feel confident that Auglle is monitoring your location and will[…]

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Get rid of the wires With inclusive Wi-Fi and optional cell phone module, feel confident that you can receive alerts and view video feed from any location.

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Compliment ANY ONVIF Solution Auglle is ONVIF Profile G compliant and is capable of connecting to any ONVIF compatible VMS. Auglle can work as a Decentralized or Centralized solution based[…]

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Built to Suit Auglle makes it easy for you to design the ideal camera for your organization. Build the camera to your specific requirements.

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How Auglle Edge Works

Auglle video viewer system runs directly on Auglle IP cameras and stores video directly onboard the camera. Customers can choose to store video on SD cards, Hard Drives, Solid State[…]

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Auglle Edge Applications

Large Scale City Wide Systems

As an alert driven decentralized solution not requiring server based storage with built in Wi-Fi and optional cellular modem, Auglle provides a cost effective solution for reducing expensive installation costs[…]

When Network Installation is Just Too Expensive

Installation cost involved with running cable are reduced due to Auglle’s alert driven decentralized solution with built in Wi-Fi and optional cellular modem.

Network Bandwidth

Because Auglle is an alert driven solution and video is being stored onboard, the amount of data being transferred is minimal. Only messages are being transmitted and video is being[…]

Intermittent Networks and Reliability

With onboard storage, Auglle cameras are not reliant on network connectivity for storage. This makes the Auglle solution ideal for locations were wireless or WAN connectivity is unreliable.

Rapid Deployment System

As a plug & play solution, Auglle cameras only require a power source. Quick and simple installation and setup.

Remote Locations

Optional cellular modem provides connectivity in areas where data and Wi-Fi connections are not available with the additional security that cellular networks provide.

Auglle Ideal Installation Locations

Utility SubStations • Parking Lots • Highways & Roads • City Wide Deployments • Fence Lines • Military Bases • Prisons • Schools & Universities • Parks & Playgrounds • Elevators • Oil Fields • Car Lots • Construction Sites

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Auglle changes the philosophy of how a surveillance system should work.