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How Auglle Edge Works

Auglle video viewer system runs directly on Auglle IP cameras and stores video directly onboard the camera. Customers can choose to store video on SD cards, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives or to the cloud. With Auglle, there is no need for server-based recording. With built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet port or optional cellular modem, live and recorded video can be viewed from any PC, Smart Phone or Smart Tablet.

Auglle’s inclusive smart analytics work 24/7 monitoring and provide real-time alerts. Alerts are transmitted via SMS, E-Mail or Video Push to any designated personnel. Alerts can be set up to fit your designated schedule.

Inclusive Analytics:

• Person Detection
• Loitering
• Line Tripping
• Object Counting

Auglle’s built-in power converter allow the camera to be installed in any location that has 305-90VAC, PoE or 12VDC.

As an alert driven system with inclusive onboard storage, Auglle cameras transmit alert messages which require minimal bandwidth. Video is viewed when requested and not constantly streamed back to server based storage. Because of these features, Auglle is the ideal surveillance camera solution for large scale systems.

Auglle changes the philosophy of how a surveillance system should work.